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About Me

Hungarian-American living in the UK. 
Growing up in the historic Hudson Valley of New York, I had a camera in my hands from a young age. With a knack for drawing, however, I focused on fine art in school and went on to study both Animation and Photography at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland. 
While there I happened to be a featured extra on the dance film Step Up and became fascinated with how films are made. After graduation I found work at Colorlab, one of the sole surviving film labs in the US, where I handled 16mm and 35mm archival reels and learned more about the art of filmmaking.
With a burning desire to earn a Master's degree and to study in Europe I left the lab and dove into the MA Filmmaking course at the Northern Film School in England where I studied the art of Cinematography.
Having been a full-time freelancer since graduating I have been on a wide variety of sets and have learned from my own experience and from assisting long-established DOPs.
Films have always been incredibly important to me, from transporting me to wild adventures in distant worlds, to being hit with important messages about humanity, to simply being dazzled with incredible images. 
My goal is to simply add to its wonderful legacy.


GTC Bill Vinten University Award 2013

Nominated for cinematography, my graduation film

"The Witch Who Couldn't Breathe"

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